• Welcome to TotalPond®
    With over 50 years of combined experience, the team at TotalPond® is comprised of water gardening enthusiasts and professionals. We take a unique approach to water gardening and have a keen eye towards innovation. By focusing on simplifying the waterscape process, our customers now spend more time enjoying their fountains and ponds and less time maintaining them. From pumps to pond lighting, we offer the latest technology and everything you need to create a unique waterscape.
  • TotalPond® 140 GPH Fountain Pump
    Powerful things can come in small packages like our 140 GPH Fountain Pump. This energy efficient pump is a good fit for medium fountains and can pump heights up to 3.9 feet high. This neat and compact pump is quiet so you can enjoy nature's soundscape - not mechanical noises.
  • You Can Do It Yourself!
    TotalPond® provides all the necessary pond equipment and accessories to build any type of pond you can imagine. We have provided some DIY projects which you can tackle on your own.

    -Large Waterfalls
    -Medium Ponds
    -Medium Waterfalls
    -Small Ponds
    -Small Waterfalls
    -Tall Container Fountains
    -Urn Container Fountains
    -Barrel Container Fountain Flowers
  • Low Water Shut-Off
    Fountain Pump Technology
    Our patented Low Water Shut-Off Technology automatically senses when the water is low and turns itself off. Once water is added, the pump will turn itself back on. This neat and compact pump is energy efficient and also features quiet technology.
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