• TotalPond® UV 800 Pond Pump
    Win The Fight Against Algae With TotalPond®.
    Aerating your pond prevents algae growth, murky water, and bad smells. When an ultraviolet light is added to the system, the water can remain clear. Energy efficiency has been engineered into the pump to save both money and resources. The pond pump is adjustable and can reach a water height of up to 11.5 feet.
  • TotalPond® 3600 Waterfall Pump
    It's More Than Just a Pump. It's Your TotalPond® Solution
    Spectacular 22 feet waterfalls are now possible to build in your own backyard with our 3600 GPH Professional Grade Waterfall Pump. The professional quality water garden pump features energy efficient technology. Friction is reduced and performance is enhanced with ceramic shafts built into the core of the pump.
  • Pressure Filter - 1200 Gal. UV
    Filtration for the Largest Pond With TotalPond®
    Our Pressurized Biological Filter with Ultra Violet Clarifier is a natural and complete garden pond stabilizing system that cleans pond water while it adds essential bacteria needed for a healthy environment. This filter system can be used for garden ponds and waterfalls.
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Our Total Approach to water gardening takes the guesswork out of building a pond by making it both easy and fun. We offer you not only a simple, four-step process that follows the sequential steps of pond building, but also the best supplies and information available so you can design, build, maintain and enjoy your pond.

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